Mondays… Ugh…

I hate mondays… they are the WORST invention ever invented, can’t we just delete monday? I HATE having to get up in the mornings… Even just waking up to “98.5 Greg Kinh in the morning on the classic rock station of The Bay Area” is still pretty frickin hard. Like even waking up to a chorus of “Boooooooooooorn in the USA!!!!” is still hard.

Honestly, I don’t understand morning people. Who honestly doesn’t like sleep? It’s relaxing and you don’t need to worry about that beast I mean economy eating your money, don’t need to worry about work, unless you were working over hte weekend, you basically are just relaxing in the warmth, to be destroyed by an annoying beeping sound or Kfox classic classic rock Greg Kinh in the Morning.

Coffee is the greatest thing ever that isn’t electricity or medicine. Like, coffee is the reason I can even get out of bed in the morning… Oh my god I hate mondays… WHY!!!!!!

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