Glass rings tutorial

Text tutorial (by request) :

Step one: Select the paint brush tool, set
Jitter: 5.00;
Use Color From Gradient: Blinds;
And in brush dynamics: Random: opacity;

Step two: After this, brush the “canvas” until you have a good pattern of rings. (Each circle will become a ring)

Step three: Then duplicate this layer.

Step four: On the original, go to Filters>Distorts>Emboss, and put the settings:
Azimuth: 330.88
Elevation: 50.29
Depth: 72

Step five: On the copy, which is the random opacity circles, set the layer mode to “hard light”.

And now you’re done!!!

Step six (optionally): On the duplicate layer, go to Colors>Colorize and toy around with that to color your rings.

5 Responses to “Glass rings tutorial”

  1. Spud Says:

    Any chance you can do this tut without having to watch a video? Its easier to scroll through to keep track of actions or backtrack.

  2. Spud Says:

    Many thanks for the text tut addition. A nice, clear and precise tut that has increased my basic skills and given me some ideas to play about with.. 🙂

  3. Gimpowiec Says:

    It’s so easy to make these rings…and they look great!

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