Phew! Thought I lost everything on my map… Just server errors, data on got all screwed up.

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Glass rings tutorial

Text tutorial (by request) :

Step one: Select the paint brush tool, set
Jitter: 5.00;
Use Color From Gradient: Blinds;
And in brush dynamics: Random: opacity;

Step two: After this, brush the “canvas” until you have a good pattern of rings. (Each circle will become a ring)

Step three: Then duplicate this layer.

Step four: On the original, go to Filters>Distorts>Emboss, and put the settings:
Azimuth: 330.88
Elevation: 50.29
Depth: 72

Step five: On the copy, which is the random opacity circles, set the layer mode to “hard light”.

And now you’re done!!!

Step six (optionally): On the duplicate layer, go to Colors>Colorize and toy around with that to color your rings.

Awesomeness art.

Is this not awesome? Drag it in to URL bar for full image.

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Wow. This blog is all over the world!


Everyone who was/is here. I’m surprised that there are more people from other countries than from america… Even have three people from Apo… (I think)…

Stats counter…

Yeah… Just found this, can’t seem to put it in to a widget…

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Thanks developers! You actually are having an impact on the world. And, you don’t even have to watch the crappy video! Just have to click the thing and hit “next”. And, with 60 hits per day, I’m guessing 10-20% will bother clicking 😀

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I am so lucky… If only it were real money XD

Yes I am… This is just so awesome I had to wordpress this:

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+56% Returns are awesome 8)

I want you to look at UFS though!

If only this were real money XD