New Idea- Megatagging.

Yeah, I was just thinking how much traffic you would get if you made your tags every tag on the side of the homepage, and realized how pissed people would be after discovering you couldn’t care less about lifestyle or whatever. So I just thought of a javascript application where you just copy and paste your wordpress blog page, and it creates a bunch of tags relevant tags by putting a comma after every word, so every word you type becomes a tag. *goes and programs*


My week in pictures.

Best/most insane pictures from the net.

Gimp Light Streak tutorial

Text tutorial:

1. Open an image.
2. Create x layers for x light streaks.
3. Use the pen tool to create curved paths. (For a more specific look, watch the video)
4. Go to the brush tool and select a good color and good stroke width. Then open up brush dynamics and check everything under “pressure” except for color.
5. Stroke each path.
6. Apply a gaussian blur (brush size + 2-10)
7. Then restroke the paths with a smaller, white brush.
8. If you want to change the color, go to Colors>Hue / Saturation.

San Francisco

Yeah, today I drove up to San Francisco (I live in San Jose) and visited the Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art, and I hadn’t even seen it before, but it was like the art I make XD. After that I went to the Cartoon Museum, sort of as a chaser, as the Jewish Museum was depressing… But the part of the trip that really amazed me was: After I was done with museums, I said to myself “I gotta go get a chocolate fondant at Beard Papa” but once I got there, I decided to go to Schoggi Chocolates, and it was expensive, and the chocolates there were all pretty small, but it was completely worth it. One thing in particular that I liked was these dark chocolate caramel cups; It was arguably the best caramel-chocolate combo I ever had in my life. If you readers (If there are any) ever visit San Francisco, it’s worth spending the $8 on some small chocolates at Schoggi Chocolates.

Glass rings tutorial

Text tutorial (by request) :

Step one: Select the paint brush tool, set
Jitter: 5.00;
Use Color From Gradient: Blinds;
And in brush dynamics: Random: opacity;

Step two: After this, brush the “canvas” until you have a good pattern of rings. (Each circle will become a ring)

Step three: Then duplicate this layer.

Step four: On the original, go to Filters>Distorts>Emboss, and put the settings:
Azimuth: 330.88
Elevation: 50.29
Depth: 72

Step five: On the copy, which is the random opacity circles, set the layer mode to “hard light”.

And now you’re done!!!

Step six (optionally): On the duplicate layer, go to Colors>Colorize and toy around with that to color your rings.

New picture

It’s been a while…

New picture.

New picture.

(drag in to url bar to see the whole thing)