New Idea- Megatagging.

Yeah, I was just thinking how much traffic you would get if you made your tags every tag on the side of the homepage, and realized how pissed people would be after discovering you couldn’t care less about lifestyle or whatever. So I just thought of a javascript application where you just copy and paste your wordpress blog page, and it creates a bunch of tags relevant tags by putting a comma after every word, so every word you type becomes a tag. *goes and programs*


Britney Spears Vs. Jonas Brothers (Not exactly a battle)

Direct from yahoo news:Britney Spears is working with her old assistant again.

Felicia Culotta, a longtime friend of the Spears family who worked for the singer from 1998-2007, had a brief falling out in 2007 around the time Spears, 27, famously shaved her head.
This isn’t actually that interesting but I was the first person to buzz it up :)Felicia Culotta was the Jonas Brother’s assistant until todayBritney spears and her new assistant