Gimp Light Streak tutorial

Text tutorial:

1. Open an image.
2. Create x layers for x light streaks.
3. Use the pen tool to create curved paths. (For a more specific look, watch the video)
4. Go to the brush tool and select a good color and good stroke width. Then open up brush dynamics and check everything under “pressure” except for color.
5. Stroke each path.
6. Apply a gaussian blur (brush size + 2-10)
7. Then restroke the paths with a smaller, white brush.
8. If you want to change the color, go to Colors>Hue / Saturation.



The most awesome thing in the world. Music is just math applied to a string or key or air being compressed into a series of pipes through a mouthpiece coming out as a vibration. Without music, I swear like nearly everyone would be depressed, FM radio would be a bunch of commercials, sorta like “Paid Programming” on channel 227 where they’re like selling yoga tutorial DVDs or something like SlimFast or Liptozene as a pill that stresses you out so you eat less; Though the commercials would be more pointless and try to be funny. Without music, I wouldn’t have much to do (I’m a guitarist) and would be so bored I would write in my blog way more often. Music is one of the 10 most important inventions like ever. MUSIC!!!